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by Shave And A Disputable Haircut

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released August 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits! Topeka, Kansas

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Track Name: As He Found Her Finding Him
She turned his way, and looked at him, and then began to say,
Please help me forget, I just want these scars to go away,
He replied, without a snide remark and verbalized,
His concern, now more than words
What ever have you done?

I told you dear, Im always here, no need to fear, of growing near,
You'll call me yours, Ill call you mine, nothing could be quite as clear

He held her hand, pulled her close and looked deep into her eyes,
"Oh if I could take your pain away, that man I do despise,
Where was I then? When you needed me? A thousand miles too far
Oh how I wish I could fix the mistakes I've made under the blanket of these stars"

"But now you're here, and here to stay, Ill say some day, if you're every away,
'Where is my love? I need him so, but I'll be strong, I wont let go"
She leaned on him, held him near, and clung closely to his arm,
The same lines, raised and straight, a healing that of harm
Track Name: Human Connection
We made connections on connecting flights to Delaware and train stations, Coaches of the stage, we made our way on veins of nations,
I saw you in the hallways, in the booths to lines of home,
All we can do is hope and wish someones there to pick up the phone,
Both our lives, it's all our lives, and we can only wait,
But I promis you this, it wont be late to say what you mean,
Say what you've seen, just say what you mean

I mean I've said a thousand times, these trees are always green,
They can be because they are, they're standing because they will,
But still, we have a helping hand, which sand does not pass through,
We just have to choose to hold, stand firm, but make your move

Climb out my friend, climb out right now, and look at all this beauty,
Our faces may be muddy, but the water has its duty,
We fish for fun and not for necessity, he said to me,
One time a man, a man he said these words and said obsessively,
"The trees around this lake make a perfect place to hide,
from the darkened world around, while the sun shines on these tides"
The ties we'll have forever, can hardly ever be forgot,
We choose to have connections, to the questions we had sought.
Track Name: Analogue
We'll take our picture just the way we want it, empty fields and splattered snow, this boat atop our mountain, as the stars begin to show,
and we've been rejected since were not the perfect ideal, for this or that or him or her, we're still analogue and always we'll be, but you're warmer and softer than any imitation ever could be, you've got a heart and it shows in your colors, we'll keep our memories and not be afraid of them corrupting, if we look after them and hold them close they'll be safe within our reach

Although time may fade and tatter and tear and blur and weather,
I guartantee we'll take new memories every second we're together,
and I know I'm imperfect, Im so flawed in every way, but you somehow see past that, all the mistakes I've ever made, all these grainy scratches, and these bleeding ink bloches, you see none of them,
and I'm so greatful,
you're so graceful and gorgeous,
so we'll take out picture, just the way we want it,
and I'll sleep tight tonight, because of you